Ghostwriting book cover In the Blink of an Eye

In the Blink of an Eye

Mia Austin lives with Locked-In Syndrome and asked me to help turn her memoir into a book, by working as her ghostwriter. Mia had written much of what she wanted to say herself, painstakingly using eye-blink technology, which resembles a computer keyboard operated by her eye. My job was to take her writing and make…

Never Say Di book cover

Never Say Di

Di Lofting approached me to ghostwrite her autobiography, because she had some amazing stories but was dyslexic. I interviewed her, transcribed the interviews and used them as the basis of an autobiographical book. Di self-published the book, and enjoyed its success with her friends and family – as well as gaining 5-star reviews on Amazon.


Ask me about my ghostwriting. Although I can’t include examples here, I would be happy to discuss the projects in general terms, to demonstrate the range of writing it encompasses.