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Testimonials – the lovely things people say about working with me

Thank you to my wonderful clients for their testimonials, which relate to ghostwriting, editing and proofreading projects completed in recent years.

journal page with peacock feathers“I greatly enjoyed working with Sue on my memoires. I would like to thank her for all her hard work, help and advice, including her helpful and respectful questioning! She also picked out a wonderful title from the body of my text! I would highly recommend her work.”

Testimonial from Ann Chapple, 27 June 2020
(Transcription and editing from a personal journal into Ann’s memoir about nursing, the RAF, family and golf)

Andy chess boxer“I found Sue after googling for the best biography writers in the uk. Then I studied the books she IS allowed to take some credit for. (Celebrities make out they’ve written it all themselves, verbatim.) She went above and beyond, she really cares and I can’t thank her enough.”

Testimonial from Andy Costello, 15th May, 2020
(Editing and proofreading Andy’s memoir about judo, chess boxing, the police force and prison)

“Sue is an excellent editor and copywriter and we have worked with her many times. She completely gets the ‘voice’ of our company – writing interesting content for our website and scripting inviting and professional business letters. I would highly recommend Sue to other businesses for her professional, yet personal approach and we look forward to doing lots more work with Sue.”

Testimonial from Annabelle Clitherow, Cherry Lets, 5th March 2020
(Various writing and editing projects)

Hartpury College & Uni logo“Thanks ever so much for your help, it was really valuable and everything made perfect sense. We hit our deadline and the prospectus went on the press yesterday to be ready for our college open day.”

Testimonial from SH, Hartpury University & Hartpury College, 7th January 2020
(Proofreading a college prospectus)

sunflower placeholder image“Sue is the most patient editor you will ever meet. She shared a number of great insights and tips that allowed me to build up my business and be seen as an authority in my field. Her review of my manuscript helped me take the next step to reach out to agents and start the publishing process.”

Testimonial from Joy Adams, 2nd September 2019
(Non-fiction book review and copyedit)

“I really enjoyed working with Sue Kelso Ryan on the book “Class of 2008: a Rosario and Balou Mystery”. She was very professional and her feedback was really helpful. I look forward  to working with her again and would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Testimonial from Patricia Asedegbega, 16th August 2019
(Fiction book review and copyedit)

Sue Kelso Ryan quill logo“I highly recommend Sue Ryan. Sue is an excellent communicator, gives effective feedback, is very reliable and friendly. Sue re-organised my book from chaos into a perfect piece at an affordable price.”

Testimonial from Njeri Olenkere, 1st December 2018
(Fantasy fiction book developmental edit through to proofreading)
Hugh Dow How to Get Happy cover

“Great job. Am mightily impressed. As a matter of principle I will not even attempt to second guess you on punctuation and spacing. You’ve got it way righter than I ever could.”

“Sue proof-edited my short self-help book prior to it going on Amazon. I was seeking perfect spelling, consistent and correct punctuation, and the banishment of clumsy or ugly language. Which is exactly what I got. All done efficiently, at a fair price, and – most important – cheerfully.”

Testimonial from Hugh Dow, September 2018
(Self-help/ memoir book copyediting and proofreading)
Cameron book cover

“I would heartily recommend Sue to help with anyone’s work. Sue was a huge help and brought a high level of professionalism when she edited my book; she listened intently to my wishes and perfectly executed the editing, so leaving in the paternal feelings I wanted to convey on the page. In fact her suggestions and light touch changes, coupled with her heavy grammatical changes to correct my school boy errors, helped me finish the book I always hoped I could achieve.”

Testimonial from Jeff Curtis, 17 August 2018
(Non-fiction memoir book copyediting and proofreading)
Book Cover In the Blink of an Eye

“I have been truly impressed with Sue’s work. She has brought my book to life, given me excellent advice and has gone the extra mile for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again!”

Testimonial from Mia Austin, 23rd January 2018
(Non-fiction memoir book copyediting and proofreading)

Ade Popoola book cover

“I contacted Sue after finding her details online. We had a brief meeting to discuss my requirements. The meeting also gave me an opportunity to decide if she was the right person to help with the non-fiction children’s book I am working on.

I am glad to say that she did a very good job of copy-editing and proofreading the manuscript. She was detailed and thorough in her approach. In addition, she made some very useful suggestions on other ways I could improve the material and she was prompt in sending back the corrected work. Thanks Sue.”

Testimonial from Ade Popoola, January 2018
(Non-fiction careers book copyediting and proofreading)

Sue Kelso Ryan copywriter logo

I very much enjoyed working with Sue Kelso Ryan while she was writing copy for a new website and I’m delighted with the end result! … I would highly recommend Sue and indeed, I hope to work with her on further projects in the future.

Dr Mike Crisp – Jan 2016