This is how my writing and editorial services can work for you…

The best way to judge how well we can work together is for your to browse my portfolio of work and then to get together and have a chat. Together we can talk about what you want to achieve – whether that is a complete ghostwriting service or a light edit/ proofread of your manuscript. I am always happy to share with you some relevant projects that I have successfully completed with other clients. We can look at how they inform the work you would like done and we can go from there. I realise that’s not always possible, so I’ve created a copywriting portfolio and description of some of my editorial work here, online. Take a look and get in touch with any questions or to request an estimate for the work you have in mind.

Examples of my copywriting work

Please browse my copywriting portfolio (below) for an idea of the range of my writing. It consists of a snapshot of recent projects I’ve worked on. It wasn’t possible to include everything I’ve done* but I’d be delighted to discuss other projects. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the copywriting portfolio below, it’s still likely that I have examples to show you.  Please just ask and I’m happy to offer my thoughts. To learn more about my work, please get in touch.

Examples of my editorial work

I’ve tried to include examples of editorial work in my portfolio. I hope that the descriptions will help you to see the scope and variety of my work. It includes fiction (thrillers, children’s books, romantic novels) and non-fiction (recipe books, memoir/autobiography and self-help books, for example). I’m delighted that the books I’ve worked on have 5-star Amazon reviews and have even rated among the best-sellers. Give your book the loving attention it deserves!

Example of my Ghostwriting work

Ghostwriter – “A person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author.”

Definition from Oxford Dictionaries

As a ghostwriter, I can be asked to write anything from memoirs and non-fiction business books to novels and opinion pieces for busy C-level professionals. Ghostwriters are employed by agencies, prospective authors or even other copywriters for their ghost-writing skills. Sometimes this means that, although I am involved with prestigious work for stunning brands and fascinating personalities – I can’t include it here! Although this is frustrating, I hope that the skills I learn through this work are carried forward to other projects – such as yours. It’s hard to include an up-to-date list of all the books I have worked on, for the same reason, but you can see some where my collaboration with the author has been acknowledged over on the right of this page and on my Amazon Author Page .

One or two have my name on the cover, more have credits inside and many others just have the faintest trace of my writing style, or correctly-positioned punctuation added by my own fair hand…

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