Seven Surprising Facts About Me

Some of these are fairly well known – which surprising facts surprise you most?

1.  My maiden name is Scottish but we don’t come from the Scottish town of Kelso – we’re from the Isle of Arran.

Satellite view of the Isle of Arran

The Isle of Arran


2.  When I was young, I went to elocution lessons and recited poetry. It wasn’t my idea – I was much too shy to be good at performances. I went on to train people to speak in public.

Charlie Brown hints for public speaking - cartoon


3.  I earned my Queen’s Guide award when I was 16. Sadly the Queen didn’t present it to me in person.

enamel badge for Queen's Guide award.

Queen’s Guide Badge


4.  I used to be a campanologist – ringing the bells of St Sampson’s Church,  Cricklade in Wiltshire.

Stained glass window, St Sampson's Church Cricklade

St Sampson’s Church, Cricklade


5.  My first pet was a guinea pig called Gregory. He was a golden agouti. I swapped him for a budgie, which I trained to talk.

Three young guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs


6.  My childhood ambition was to be a vet.

Child's drawing of vets

Image ©

7.  My first work experience was as an assistant to archaeologists on a dig. I found green glaze pottery and Samian ware.

Samianware pot - red with raised design

Samianware pot

Which of these facts surprised you?

Do you share any of my interests?

Sue Kelso Ryan copywriter logo

I very much enjoyed working with Sue Kelso Ryan while she was writing copy for a new website and I’m delighted with the end result! … I would highly recommend Sue and indeed, I hope to work with her on further projects in the future.

Dr Mike Crisp – Jan 2016

2 thoughts on “Seven Surprising Facts

  1. Sue, I really like this as people find out more things about you as a rounded person – you are not just what you do. We should follow suit and do the same, mentioning you at the same time.

  2. Many thanks for your reply, Fiona. I would love to think that I could inspire you and others to follow suit. Although it could just be that I was inspired by you in the first place! I agree with you that though our work is a big part of who we are, it doesn’t define us. The rest of who we are colours how we work and how we collaborate with our clients. It’s what we bring to the party!

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