Boost your business in 2016

I’ve been getting ready for 2016 already – yes, even before Christmas is on the horizon. How about you? Are you all set for promoting your business to new customers in 2016? Do your existing clients know about your latest offers? The best way to win new and repeat business is by keeping in touch with your market: in real life and in clear, well-written English. That’s where proofreading comes in. It’s so important to check spelling and grammar.

Proofreading: your message – but better

You know your own business best: when you write about it, you will create a message that has energy and enthusiasm. If you aren’t confident that your written English is as good as it might be – click the spellcheck before you send. CAUTION: some suggested corrections are wrong and others get missed by spellcheckers – if you’re unsure, ask for help. Often a proofreader only needs to make a quick check for typos or errors. If the very idea of putting your ideas on paper (or the internet) strikes fear into your heart – don’t panic! Together we can create copy that will knock spots off your competitors and make you glow with pride.

Start 2016 all new and fresh!

Do you have a new year’s resolution? I don’t really believe in them. I do believe in trying to be the best I can, all the time. If I’m not smug, it’s simply because I know I don’t always succeed! As far as marketing materials are concerned, I’m aiming to start now, before Christmas, to get things ready for my clients (and eventually for me!).

Santa proofreading his Christmas list
I’m writing a list: I’m checking it twice!

Some new projects

I’m working on three new websites, which should be launched at or around January 1st. That’s three Gloucestershire clients whose SEO copywriting and blogs will be all sparkling and new, ready to start conversations with prospective clients of their own. Hopefully, new business will be rolling in for them before January is out.

In addition, I have a new proofreading client, who sends me a wondrous variety of texts to check. They include websites, advertising copy and marketing materials. These jobs can be short, fitting neatly around the larger projects, or occasionally they are quite complex – things like brochures or even a calendar! (How many days in September? When is Mothering Sunday 2016?). Great fun.

My third project for 2016 is still under wraps: you might not hear much about it until (a) the contract is signed, and (b) the project is well underway. Which might not be until 2017 – it is a BIG project.

Your next steps

If you think I can help you with proofreading or copy editing your business communications, please get in touch. It doesn’t matter whether you’re only at the stage of having some notes on a sheet of paper or you have everything written and need a final check before printing or publishing. If you need everything ready before the New Year, get a wriggle on, though – I need a break over Christmas too!

My next steps

One of my aims for 2016 is to try to make this blog a bit more interactive. I’d certainly encourage any suggestions of ways to prepare for the year ahead – I will feature the best in a future blog. Comment here or email me with your ideas. Thanks for reading and enjoy your festive preparations.


Sue Kelso Ryan copywriter logo

I very much enjoyed working with Sue Kelso Ryan while she was writing copy for a new website and I’m delighted with the end result! … I would highly recommend Sue and indeed, I hope to work with her on further projects in the future.

Dr Mike Crisp – Jan 2016

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