It’s all in the statistics!

How has 2015 been for you? I took part in a survey of freelance writers this year. Here are the results – some statistics might surprise you!

The website promotes freelance working gigs and it is American. Most of the client companies are, too. Nevertheless, there are some trends that writers and employers in the UK will recognise.

My freelance writing in 2015

I am in the minority among those polled, with a masters level education and preferring to work more than 5 hours a day. I’m lucky to have regular clients, as well as the variety of new ones. The more the merrier. There are lots of benefits to working from home and if the only disadvantage is a rather excitable spaniel, I think I can cope with that!

My freelance writing predictions

No, I don’t have a crystal ball and I’d be wrong to say I know what 2016 will bring. That’s part of the appeal fo freelancing: there are always new challenges. In fact, I like to set my own. Just in case fate doesn’t bring me enough anyway. So 2016 will involve learning more Swedish – just a hobby. I also aim to do some creative writing. Anyone recommend how to get started? Online competitions have been mentioned to me as a first step.

Your experience of writing in 2015

How have you experienced writing in 2015? Do you avoid it at all costs? Or perhaps you’re a fellow freelance writer? There are a few of us here in Gloucestershire and we huddle together at networking sessions in Copywriters’ Corner. Join us to swap tips and make recommendations – we’ll be the ones tutting at incorrect spellings in brochures. (Kidding!) (Not kidding!)

Freelance writing statistics 2015


Sue Kelso Ryan copywriter logo

I very much enjoyed working with Sue Kelso Ryan while she was writing copy for a new website and I’m delighted with the end result! … I would highly recommend Sue and indeed, I hope to work with her on further projects in the future.

Dr Mike Crisp – Jan 2016

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